OMG 2 – a movie with a strong moral premise

Hey everyone ! I went to watch the much-awaited OMG 2 on 15 August. This is a sequel to the super hit movie – OMG with Pankaj Tripathi as the protagonist. OMG 2 is based on the importance of imparting sex education as part of the school curriculum to teenagers between the ages of 13-16 years. It starts with Kanti Mudgal (Pankaj Tripathi) being shown as a simple middle-class man in Ujjain who runs a shop selling flowers, kalash, dhoop and other items used in pooja and various forms of worship. Kanti is also shown to be a great devotee of Lord Shiva and lives with his wife and two children.

Difficulties arise in Kanti’s life when his son Vivek is admitted to the hospital for having too many erection stimulating pills. He later learns from Vivek’s best friend that Vivek was being bullied by some other boys in his classroom for allegedly having a small penis because of which he will not be able to impress any girls. This leads Vivek to experiment a variety of options to increase the size of his penis including masturbation. Hearing all this, Kanti is disgusted and angry with his son for having done all this. However, the doctor that was handling Vivek’s case at the hospital advised him to be gentle since masturbation was nothing wrong and Vivek might be very ashamed and distraught knowing that his father has come to know about all this.

Kanti decides to handle the situation with caution and tells the doctor and his best friend to not disclose these events to anyone else. But as luck would have it, a video gets released showing Vivek masturbating in the school’s bathroom. This forces the school to rusticate Vivek. Defeated and embarrassed, Kanti decides to take his family to another town until this matter dies down.

At the train station, Vivek tries to commit suicide by first swallowing poison before leaving and when that did not work, he jumps in front of a running train. It is revealed that in both instances it was Lord Shiva (Akshay Kumar) who saved Vivek from death. Lord Shiva posing as an Ujjain tourist who has lost his belongings, urges Kanti to apologise to Vivek and also ask the school to apologise to him for not handling the situation well and not providing the right knowledge about sex and related activities. Kanti decides to drag the school and the others who supplied medicines to Vivek (promising  that it would increase the size of his penis) to court. The premise and motive of the movie have been depicted through the court proceedings with Kanti explaining how sex education is important and the defendants (represented by Yami Gautam) arguing how it is not possible to impart any education surrounding sex because it is vulgar and considered a taboo in almost all Indian households.

The movie has a very strong moral purpose and has been able to successfully justify the same. Pankaj Tripathi’s performance was amazing as always and Yami Gautam also carries out her role well. In my opinion, the ‘A’ rating given by the certification board was not fair as there were no explicit scenes, or any kind of vulgar language used in the movie. In fact, teenagers should watch this film as it teaches us the importance of knowing about safe sex, contraception, good touch bad touch, etc.

I would not categorise this movie in the Comedy genre mainly because the premise of the movie would not allow me to. There is a subtle hint of comedy in some scenes but otherwise this would be a movie of the Drama genre. Also, I felt that Akshay Kumar’s role as Lord Shiva was not as captivating as its prequel. I guess the makers had to have a character playing God simply because it is preceded by OMG. In any other case, the Lord Shiva character could have been completely dispensed off.

A must watch for all teens and adults may give it a miss, I would rate this movie 3 out of 5 stars.

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