Sukhee – a light-hearted family drama

Namaste readers! I recently watched the Shilpa Shetty starrer ‘Sukhee’ on Netflix and it was everything it promised to be. ‘Sukhee’ is a light-hearted family movie topped with comedy, romance, and drama. It revolves around the life of Sukhee, who is a homemaker living in Anandkot (a small city in Punjab) with her husband, his grandfather and their fifteen-year-old daughter, Jassi. 

Sukhee is shown to be a hardworking woman who manages the house, raises her daughter, and helps her grandfather-in-law with his meds and daily activities. She often reminisces about her high school days when she was the most popular girl in the school. Sukhee was a champion jockey who had won the derby three times in a row during her college days. She was also the head girl and a class topper.

Back in the present, Sukhee has been invited to her 20-year high school reunion in Delhi which she wishes to go. Sukhee was close with three girls in school and the four of them are still inseparable. They haven’t met in the last 20 years and this reunion is a chance for them to relive their college days. However, her husband and daughter’s needs stop her from going. Nevertheless, Dadu (Sukhee’s grandfather-in-law) encourages her to go and purchases her a train ticket. The movie starts its premise when Sukhee reaches Delhi and her family is unable to function without her, although, they always took her presence for granted.

The movie is fast paced and shows us a glimpse into the mind of a simple homemaker like Sukhee. Many Indian ladies who are housewives would relate to this movie. In my opinion, ‘Sukhee’ has the optimum amount of drama, comedy and romance and it is a film which can be watched with your whole family.

Shilpa Shetty’s performance is a complete delight. It is well complemented by the skills of the supporting actors – Kusha Kapila, Chaitanya Choudhry, Dilnaz Irani and Pavleen Gujral. The only thing which I would have liked, is a deeper delve into the lives of the supporting leads. I loved the climax scene where Sukhee’s husband goes to make up with her. The movie has a happy ending where the family is seen hugging each other. 

The film teaches us the importance of individuality and friendship as Sukhee balances her life between family, friends, and her personal needs. It teaches us to be happy with ourselves, appreciate the little things in life and never let anyone take advantage of us.

I loved watching this movie and will give it 4 stars out of 5.

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