I am a Student.

I am a student and I feel bored,
There are low marks I have scored,
Lots of assignments and project load,
‘Boards this year’ – that’s cold;

You make memories with your friends and have fun,
Waiting for exams to come,
Loads and Loads of distraction,
So much so that you can’t do grammar or subtraction;

Then there is the phone that absorbs your mind,
A solution to this addiction I can’t find,
Lectures are complex and I feel drowsy,
Is this everyone? Or am I just lousy;

We have portion as much as the sand on the beach,
Many times teachers can’t teach,
This lockdown has us on gas,
But we can’t be upset because we got to accept the facts;

I miss each friend,
I am irritated because there is no end,
I just want to sit back and relax for a day,
I have goals so I tell myself, no way!

Fewer marks are our worst fear,
It makes me feel like the only loser standing here,
Getting discouraged to reach the top,
Why do I feel like such a flop?

Then there is life to survive,
You need smartness which in school you don’t imbibe,
Why do we study? To earn money?
Wait there is passion, of which I don’t have any;

‘A’ says to do this and be glad,
‘B’ says do that or you’ll be mad,
I am worried if my choice is fruitful,
Will I be successful?

When I am upset everything seems upsetting,
When in fact things can be quite exciting,
I choose exciting and I’ll fulfill my aims,
After that I’ll have fun and play games;

It is the way you see fit,
I am a student – That’s it.