Unable to achieve your goals? Use these simple tips for better results

We all set goals time and again.

Somehow I feel that this is our way of telling the subconscious mind that, “Don’t worry, your life is going to get back on track again”.

But how many of us are able to achieve all our goals within the time frame we set for it?
Not many.

So, what if I told you that I could help you achieve all of them and more?

Sounds crazy right?

Not really.

You’ll be surprised at the wonders our sub-conscious mind is capable of.

Have you heard people say, “It’s all in your head”? That is because it is true.

People have become millionaires with just a thought.

But on the flip side of things, if you don’t use your sub-conscious mind properly it could lead to disasters.

Don’t worry! This blog post contains all those methods in which you can use your subconscious mind in a positive way that is going to help you achieve ALL YOUR GOALS.

Table of Contents

  1. Set your goals with a Specific Number and a Specific Date
  2. Always write down your goals
  3. See yourself achieving your goals
  4. Dream BIG!
  5. Break down your main goal into smaller pieces
  6. Don’t share your goals with anyone

I’ll be mainly focusing on the steps you should take to set your goals and manifest them which will then ultimately lead to achieving your goals.

So, Let’s get started…..

#01 Set your goals with a Specific Number and Specific Date

The reason this is so important is that, if you just decide on something vague like,

“My goal is to lose weight” or
“I want to become a successful entrepreneur” or
“I want to complete my graduation this year”

your mind is not really going to register it.

For you sub-conscious, it is just a passing thought.

You need to trick your mind into thinking that ‘XYZ’ is your ultimate goal.

And this will happen only if your GOAL IS SPECIFIC.

For instance:

If you want to lose weight, fix a number and decide a deadline.

Example- “I want to lose 5 kilos of weight by 31 October 2020”

See Yourself Achieving Your Goals

By setting a specific goal, you are tricking your mind into believing that this is what is supposed to be done.

Now, you will be able to come up with various ways in which you can go closer to that goal.

Maybe you could join the gym, or practice yoga or hire a nutritionist, etc.

Another advantage of this is that as you get closer and closer to your goal, you will be more and more excited and motivated to put in more effort to achieve it.

This is because you have a specific number.
This number will help you measure your progress.

Having a deadline is equally important.
This is because you have to start working on your goal right now and right AT THIS MOMENT if you want to successfully achieve it.

If you don’t set a deadline, you are going to be dedicated for a while, but after that, you will forget about the goal altogether and not achieve it.

So, Decide on the Number and Decide on that Date and Get Hustling!

#02 Always Write down your Goals

Many of us are in the habit of just deciding what we are going to do and leaving it at that.

It might be very specific, but there is no evidence of it.

Now, obviously you don’t have to prove anything to anybody.
But if you don’t write down your goals, it is not going to impress your subconscious.

Many of us have certain phobias, superstitions, or obsessions.
All this comes from our subconscious mind that has usually gone through a very strong and emotional phase in our childhood.

So why don’t we use this trick to our advantage.

Writing down your goals brings a certain degree of seriousness and sincerity to it.

The effort that you take to write things down, will get imprinted onto your subconscious. And now, whenever you think about your goal, it will be with a stronger emotion.

So, what exactly should you write down?

Let’s continue the above example of losing weight.

You need to write down 3 very crucial things to make your journey of achieving your goals successful:

  • A Mission statement

This would be your ultimate goal.
Write it in BOLD at the top of your page.
For eg: My goal is to reduce 10 kilos of weight or I am going to lose 10 kgs this year, etc.

There could be variations and you can modify your mission statement as you desire.

  • The Deadline

Like I have mentioned earlier, it is important to have a time limit
So write down the exact date by which you wish to achieve this goal and put it in a box.

  • What are you going to do to achieve it?

It is equally important to have a game plan to achieve your goal.
Eg: I am going to practice yoga for an hour every day to achieve my goal.

It is fine, if you have no idea about how you are going to achieve your goal.

In this case, you can write down your mission statement and the deadline.
As time passes with proper manifestation you will be able to visualize the steps that you need to take to achieve your goal.

So, grab a pen, grab a diary, and jot down that goal you have been thinking about.

#03 See Yourself achieving Your Goals

Always Write Down Your Goals

This step has got to do a lot with self-belief.

Like it is very famously said,
“The only person between you and your dreams is YOU”.

Until and unless you don’t believe that you are not going to achieve that what you desire, you are not going to achieve it.

On the other hand, if your desire is strong and you keep imagining what it would feel like after winning, it has a huge emotional impact on your subconscious.

This will lead your subconscious into believing that your dreams are not optional, they are mandatory and have to be achieved.

Now, how exactly do you “see yourself achieving your goal”?

There are many ways in which you can practice this, here are two of the very effective ways in which you can imprint this idea into your sub-conscious:

Vision Boards

This is the most popular way of manifestation of your goals. But you need to prepare your vision boards properly for it to work in the most effective way.

Here are some useful tips to prepare your vision board:

a) Make your vision board keeping a year’s goals in mind.

You should not make your vision board like a bucket list.

Prepare it in such a way that all the pictures in it will most likely be achieved by you in the coming year.

For example: If you want to complete your education and get a high paying job, don’t put the picture of a million dollars.
Instead, put a picture of you and your dream company in the background.

b) Have a center picture for your board.

It could be your picture or the picture of your favorite quote.
Pick a picture that represents the central idea behind all your goals.

c) DO NOT make multiple boards

When you make more than one vision board, you are indirectly telling yourself that you cannot achieve everything.

And this is definitely going to have a negative impression on your subconscious.
So, prepare one big board and put all your goals on that board.

d) Look at your vision board everyday

When you look at your vision board every day, you involuntarily start comparing your current situation to where you want to be.

This is going to in turn motivate you to get going and hustle harder which will lead to the accomplishment of your goals.

Always Write Down Your Goals

  • Visualization

I do this every day. And the best part is, it does not require any effort.

Whenever you have time or whenever you feel de-motivated, do the following:

– Close your eyes

– Think about each goal

– Visualize what your life would look like once you achieve it

Do this in small slots. You can also practice this when you are jogging, listening to music or doing any household chores, etc.

This has personally benefitted me a lot and I always make it a point to visualize my goals.

#04 Dream BIG!

One of the major reasons we fail to achieve our goals is because of self-doubt.

We seldom dare to dream big enough, because we are so sure that we will not be able to achieve it.

Because of this mind-set, the goals we do set also suffer because the very basis of setting that goal was a result of negativity.

Moreover, when you are dreaming big you are sub-consciously pushing yourself outside your comfort zones. And that is going to make you successful.

Another point to keep in mind is that, when you are setting high goals, don’t set it telling yourself that this is never possible and you are setting it just to motivate yourself.

Remember, your subconscious mind is going to interpret this is in the wrong way.

When you are mixing up that negative energy while setting your goals, you are not going to be fully sure about achieving them and your efforts also will be half-hearted.

See Yourself Achieving Your Goals

Instead, BELIEVE IN YOURSELF and no matter how impossible the goal might seem, if you focus all your energies into achieving that goal, YOU ARE GOING TO ACHIEVE IT.

Here are some tips to help you set bigger goals:

1. Think about where you want to be a year down the line.

2. Don’t limit your success to a region or a country.

3. Always have a role model depending on what your goals are.
This will help you in taking their journey as an example and as a motivation to achieve your goals.

So start believing in yourself, because I BELIEVE IN YOU.

#05 Break down your Main Goal into smaller pieces

Most of us follow all the above steps, but when it comes to breaking down our goals into actionable steps, we back out.

This is because we either find this step to be too much work or we feel that it is completely unnecessary since we have already set our main goal.

The problem is, when we set yearly goals in the month of Jan (for instance), we forget about that goal soon enough and by the end of the year, we find ourselves right at where we started.

To avoid this, you need to break your yearly goal into a 12-month action plan.

Now, it does not stop there.

You need to have monthly goals, which should be broken into weekly goals, which should be broken into daily goals and plans.

I know what you are going to say next.

Sasha, you want us to make a 365-day plan on 1 Jan?

No. Not at all.

When you have set your goal, at that point you only need to make the
12-month action plan.

After that, at the beginning of every month, you need to draft a 4-weekly plan and at the start of every week, you need to draft a daily plan for 7 days.

See Yourself Achieving Your Goals

It sounds like a lot of work but trust me it’s worth it.

Like it is said,
“A good plan is half the battle won.”

This plan is now going to help you track your progress.

But don’t worry, we all have those days when we feel low and don’t want to do anything. That’s completely fine, provided you cover up your plan the next day or in the next week.

The aim is to take little steps each day so that we come closer and closer to our goal.

#06 Don’t share your goals with Anyone

Seems odd doesn’t it.

Wait. Hear me out.

When we share our goals, maybe with our parents or friends or teachers, you are indirectly building up pressure on yourself.

You are also going to create a lot of unnecessary expectations.

Many might disagree with me, but I strongly believe that sharing or discussing your goals with others does more damage than good.

Your goal has to be at the back of your mind only.

The more you discuss your goals the more you are going to start doubting yourself and then one of two things will happen:

1. You will drop the goal completely
2. You will change your goal

People are going to give you recommendations and suggestions when you tell them about your goal. And this will get you thinking, and you might change your goal.

Repeated changes to your goal will confuse your subconscious and you will end up achieving nothing.

Instead, decide your goal, draft the action plan, and manifest it in the right way.

There is absolutely no need of discussing your goals with anyone else.


Just like every rule has an exception, this one does too.

The only person you should be discussing your goals with is your MENTOR.

That is it. No one else.

The reason I say this is because your mentor is going to give you constructive guidance on what goals you should set and how you should achieve them.

That is it from me.

I hope you have found your answer to the goal-setting question through this article.

Have an awesome day ahead and…….

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